Evening Dress

Christian Lacroix 



i love 2 dog. i love 2 park the dog

at the dog park there was a man w a big giant great dane & a teeny chihuahua

please come over & order a pizza

i didnt eat yet today & im so hungry & im 2 tired 2 make dinner hhhhhhhhhhh


Haunted Mansion


Nudibranchs (x)


Bird’s Nest Fungi

Nidula emodensis

Toolangi, Victoria
Early Winter, June 2014
Taken on 60mm Macro, Canon 600D

i dont wanna have weird shitty dreams bbbb

im going 2 chew on u


another little query: if you have a place in range of portland public transit i could stay (or possibly me and autumn) on the night of the 24th, 25th, and/or 26th, please let me know. i wanna be able to visit friends but the only solution i’ve got so far is a place in vancouver, which would probably preclude taking anyone with. i absolutely need somewhere safe in portland on the evening of the 24th because i have a name change hearing before any bus arrives in town, but being there longer to see more people would be nicer.

please help out if you can!

im sleepy & i need 2 spoon

aw boooo i shoudlve got more tomatoes i want more pasta 1000000 pastas